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Please feel free to contact us if you require any information, tickets or just wish to pass on your thoughts – we will be happy to hear from you. By clicking on the link below you can also be included in our email list to hear about any shows or events we have planned.

Crigglestone Community Theatre Company Management Committee:

Hon President - Diane Hill
Hon Vice President - Sarah Redgwick
Chair - Kim Longbottom
Vice Chair - Chantel Morris
Honorary Secretary - Catherine Brown
Honorary Treasurer - John Hewitt
Membership - Anne Clarke & Sylvia Taylor
Publicity - Sophie Barnett & Robert Gordon
Child Protection and Safeguarding - Jodi Jones
Committee Members - Niki Carter-Green, Debby Hart, Graeme Hemingway and Rosie Smith.


Kids from Crigg Management Committee:

Kids Co-ordinator - Anne Clarke
Kids Team - Catherine Brown, Katie Hoyle, Emma Jeffreys, Rosie Smith, Chantel Morris & Norma Warren.

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