Bad Girls the Musical - October 2011

Another one in the bag ... a show full of highs for the cast with a distinct low after the last performance - we wanted more!

"This show is not one for the faint hearted as it does contain a considerable amount of raunchy adult material. However that being said Crigglestone gave us a superb production. The casting was excellent in all the main parts with both the singing and acting being brilliant. This show does rely very much on creating the right atmosphere and for this the stage crew must take great credit as the projection scenes and super lighting and sound effects provided the icing on the cake. I have to say I left the theatre laughing all the way home despite some reservations regarding some of the material. Congratulations to the production team you didn't miss a trick."
NODA NE Region 7 Review - Noel Rigg

We are so proud of this ... now take a look at the link below showing a piece of editorial from The Wakefield Express!

Bad Girls the Musical

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